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Last week, the rights to Homeworld, a beloved old RTS series by Relic, went under the hammer as part of an auction following the closure of former publisher THQ.


A winner was found. They now have the opportunity to create new entries in a series that's lain dormant for a decade. It's just...we don't know who they are.

Several parties involved in the bidding have revealed that they tried, and failed, to get hold of the series. One of them was a group of fans, which got nowhere near it.


Finishing in third place was, sadly, hardcore PC publisher Paradox, who "would have loved to work on that IP but wish the winners all the best and hope for a great HW3". Ahead of them was Stardock, the publisher behind Sins of a Solar Empire, the game that's come closest to any other to matching Homeworld's scale and ease of control in a 3D space.

So who came first? They're staying quiet, for now, leaving us free to either hope for the best or prepare for the worst, depending on how nice a day you're having.

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