In the video above, SethBling outlines his route in detail. Be warned: he completes the game and shows the final boss.


The biggest trick that SethBling and Sockfolder have discovered is a climb up a steep spire near Hyrule Castle. It allows him to avoid the various guardians and defenses around the castle so he can paraglide right to the inner sanctum. It doesn’t look exciting but it saves him from instant death from the guardians laser beams while cutting down on time.

It takes around fifty minutes total to clear the starting area and run to Hyrule Castle for the final battle. Skipping the main dungeons means he has to complete fight four additional fights before tackling the final boss. SethBling hasn’t accomplished a successful run yet, although he’s grinding out attempts as of the time of this article’s publication but is struggling at the final battle.


“That’s the biggest question mark on the route,” SethBling said.“[One of the bosses] is a little ridiculous. Speedrunning is about muscle memory. I have a save file where I do practice. I know it’s possible.”

Although he died to the final boss during his second run this morning, he was able to defeat the boss that was giving him the most trouble. I’ve been watching him get further and further with each attempt.


He has been trying to complete his run since 6AM EST this morning and is now contemplating taking caffeine pills to he can keep going. His only meal has been a brownie sundae provided by his girlfriend. At noon, SethBling stopped speedrun attempts for more practice. With some luck, he’ll have a successful run soon and can finally get some rest.

“It’s been an interesting experience,” SethBling said. “ I went into it know I’d go whole hog unless I hated the game. But I love it.”