Someone Else Says Max Payne 3 Is In Development

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In August, EGM said Max Payne 3 was in development, and it was in development at Rockstar Vancouver. Rockstar Vancouver being a) an internal Rockstar studio and b) the guys behind the pretty-great Warriors game on the PSP. Now, in September, Xbox World 360 are saying the same thing, a report in the latest issue of the mag saying the game's in development at, yes, Rockstar Vancouver. Provided this is going off new info, it'll be interesting to see how the series goes in the hands of somebody else (original devs Remedy still toiling away, of course, on never-actually-coming-out Alan Wake). Rockstar's Max Payne 3 emerges again [CVG] [Image]


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Axl Surette

I haven't beaten the second Max Payne game yet, but does the story need a continuation? Is there some kind of unexplained event in the second game that left people dazed and confused that can warrant a third game?