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Remember how the Ouya development team were going to be showing their stuff in a parking lot opposite E3? Yeah, looks like that's caused some problems.


The console's developers have been sparring with E3's organisers, the ESA, and earlier today that sparring blew over into something you'd expect from a bad 80s sitcom.


According to a report on IGN, this is what happened:

  • Ouya team sets up in parking lot opposite E3.
  • ESA rents out parking space in front of the Ouya booth, parks huge trucks in there, obscuring the Ouya booth.
  • Ouya team retaliate by renting out the spots in front of the trucks, erecting big OUYA banners.
  • ESA respond by calling the cops, trying to get Ouya's booth shut down.

In case you couldn't tell by the image above, this wasn't exactly a SWAT team. Permits were checked, and the police left without taking further action.

Shame. "E3 Attendees Tear-Gassed Following Parking Lot Brawl" is a headline on my bucket list.

E3 2013: Cops Called to Shut Down Ouya [IGN]

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