Some Wii U Features Load Fast. Others Do Not.

The Wii U's best trick is its lightning fast swap of the graphics on your TV and the graphics on the Wii U GamePad.


The Wii U's worst trick is the absurdly slow loading time users have to sit through when accessing the machine's system menu or any of the applications in it.

I shot a video tonight of the Wii U at its fastest and slowest. This is the best and the worst the Wii U has to offer. Hopefully the slowness will be improved in the future, maybe through a firmware update. But it's impossible to know what's gumming things up and whether Nintendo will or even can fix it.



I haven't even noticed this as anything of an annoyance. But then again, I thought Lost Odyssey's load times and battle start times were fine, have no problems going back to FF9's battle speed and I don't even think Gran Turismo 5's load times are particularly bad.