The other day I was playing Left 4 Dead and I said to myself, "Self, I really wish this game had more obese zombie asscrack." Lo and behold, FPSBanana heard my silent plea.

One of its users, DarkSider1972, uploaded this thong skin, which puts the boomer in a "Sexy Beast" thong. He attaches this droll commentary: "Skinning note: Leg skin was created since the Boomer wears pants, So had to create legs/butt skin to match skin on his arms and upper body." Good job with that one, too!

Also, because two frivolous L4D mods = 1 useful post, someone's followed up the Tourette's Guy Tank sound mod with one that makes all the zombies talk like Macho Man Randy Poffo Savage. And yes, they do bark "Snap into a Slim Jim!"

Boomer Thong [FPS Banana via Gamer Sushi, thanks Eddy]
L4D Macho Madness [YouTube]