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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Some Strange New Video Game Toys Are Coming

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tetris The Card Game. It exists. I plan to see it this weekend. I plan to see lots of great (and maybe) silly toys, because I'll be at Toy Fair a multi-day expo in New York City.

The biggest video-game-related toy coming out of the event may be whatever mystery toy/game/who-knows that Activision boss Bobby Kotick was hyping earlier this week when he was talking to financial investors. He didn't want to say what it is, because he said it would spoil the surprise. He's just sure it'll be a big deal. I may be seeing it tomorrow and, if not then, this weekend. I don't expect it to be a Call of Duty toy but instead something new. It's probably for kids, because it is a toy, you know.


Somewhere in all this, I'll see new Transformers, new Lego set, all that good stuff.

The point, dear Kotaku readers, is that there will be toy news from Toy Fair here on Kotaku through the weekend. Keep an eye out. I can't promise all the toys we find to cover will be as amazing and unprecedented as Tetris The Card Game, but we can hope.


You should be aware that the Tetris Card Game people aren't stopping at card games. The company, Fundex, promised in a press release today, to follow that game up with a Tetris dice game and a Tetris single player strategy game.