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Some Questions For People Playing The Sims 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Sims 4 came out last week. I've been enjoying my time with the game so far. But I've also seen a wide array of reactions to it online—some pleasant, some less so. I'd like to understand these better, so let's talk about the state of The Sims.


Here are a few questions I've come up with after reading many people's reflections on The Sims 4 on forums and in the comments here at Kotaku. These are only meant to be jumping off points to stimulate discussion, so feel free to add anything else that you think is relevant as well.

  • What were you most excited for, or most worried about, before The Sims 4 came out?
  • How does The Sims 4 compare to other games in the series?
  • What, if anything, do you feel is missing from The Sims 4 in comparison to earlier games in the series?
  • What improvements, if any, do you feel that the newest game has brought to the series?
  • What additional features and content are you hoping will be added to The Sims 4 in the future?
  • How do you feel about the new "moodlets" and the emotions that Sims display in The Sims 4? Has this made the game more fun for you, or more frustrating?
  • Do you like the new multitasking abilities that Sims now have?
  • What is your favorite thing to do in The Sims games? Do you like to focus on building the coolest houses and making the happiest families, or are you one of those players who likes to mess with your Sims? Has it been harder or easier to play your preferred way in The Sims 4 so far?

Tell us about your experience with The Sims 4 in the comments below. Feel free to jump in if you're not playing the game yet for whatever reason but are still a fan of the series as well—just make sure to explain why you're choosing to opt out of the new game for the time being.


And, as always, remember to have fun!

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