Some Mafia III Deluxe Editions Went Out Without Activation Keys

Players purchasing the physical copy of Mafia III’s PC Deluxe Edition through retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are not receiving activation codes for the game, leaving them unable to play.

The physical version of Mafia III includes six discs and is meant to come with a game manual that contains a product key to unlock the game. The package doesn’t come with a manual. People are justifiably upset.


Some customers claim that they have received refunds from Amazon while others are being informed that they need to completely return the game first. Customers purchasing from Best Buy have been advised to ask for an exchange or to contact to 2K directly.

Many customers are having trouble getting information from 2K’s customer service and have instead taken to Twitter for answers. Customer support seems tied up.

“We’ve been seeing support response delays due to high launch traffic,” the customer service account tweeted. “Sorry for any frustration—we’ll answer your ticket as soon as we can!”


Kotaku has reached out to 2K. For now, the situation surrounding the PC Deluxe Edition seems fraught. It may be best to steer clear.

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