Some 360 Pricing Details

Illustration for article titled Some 360 Pricing Details is coming to the Xbox 360, sticking another multimedia feather in the little beige box's hat. But we're left with two burning questions: how much will it cost, and can we stream the music in our games?

The most important of those questions is the streaming one, and sadly, we don't have an answer on that yet. What we do have an answer for is some of the pricing structures Microsoft and will be implementing.


Silver users, you'll have access to a 3-month trial, which is lumped with video advertising. Gold users, you'll get unlimited access, but again, this will be ad-supported. To get with no ads, you'll need to subscribe, which will also get you a few extra features.

There's no word on how much a 360-related subscription would cost you, but for reference, a regular sub will set you back $3 a month. on XBL: free to gold subscribers, 3 hours per month for others [Joystiq]

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ok I expected it to be completely free when they said its free to gold subscribers. There just had to be a catch. I am sorry but 3 dollars a month is a lot to me and should be to others if they have subscribtions they have to keep paying for on a yearly basis, including gold membership.