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Some Dude's Trying to Play Q*Bert for a Ridiculously Long Time. Again.

Illustration for article titled Some Dudes Trying to Play Q*Bert for a Ridiculously Long Time. Again.

OK, well, not just "some dude." The record-seeker is Ed Heemskerk, who set the marathon record for Q*Bert at 68.5 hours back in March, and now is bidding for a 100-hour stretch on a single quarter. He started yesterday morning at 8 a.m. EDT, meaning that, by now, he's a little more than a quarter of the way toward his goal.


Heemskerk's last bid set a time record but failed to eclipse the overall high score mark which, at 28 years old, has moved out of the house, gotten a good paying job and is getting serious about a Ladybug high score it met at a wedding. Rob Gerhardt's mark of 33,273,520 has, since last year, survived five attempts to beat it.


One hundred hours is not fooling around. The most I have ever done without sleep was probably 41 covering a Marine Corps training exercise. The only time I went 100 hours straight without doing something was when I won a fraternity bet going that long without taking a dump. That was before I became a coffee drinker, obviously.

If Heemskerk hits 100 hours, that'll be at noon EDT on Tuesday. If he beats his old mark, that'll happen sometime around 5:30 a.m. EDT on Monday. You can check on Heemskerk's progress at the link below.

Ed Heemskerk's 100-Hour Q*Bert Record Attempt [Scott Patterson]

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I sorta hope he does it...I mean...those long bouts without sleep etc. has *got* to be terrible for him after awhile...jeez. Not to mention he's just not taking no for an answer and simply not giving up....I respect that.