Some Details On the Wii U's Graphics Chip

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Some specific details on the graphics chip powering the upcoming Wii U console have been reportedly obtained by Japanese site Game Impress Watch, who say that while it's running on "old" hardware, it still packs more of a punch than its current competition.


While the exact name and nature of the Wii U's GPU are under wraps, according to AMD insiders the site reports that the chip at the heart of it is similar to the R770 unit found on existing, "outdated" cards from around, say, 2009.

It'll also support Direct X 10.1, and interestingly considering the "two screens maybe" line being trotted out at E3, is capable of beaming up to four standard definition streams of the console's content.

While the GPU may be "old", and the Direct X not capable of going (literally) all the way to 11, remember that the Xbox 360's hardware is even older, and for the most part it can't go past Direct X 9.

西川善司の3DゲームファンのためのE3最新ハードウェア講座 Wii UのGPUはDirectX 10.1世代と判明。 PS Vitaを触れてみての考察 [Game Watch, via Engadget]



I'm much more concerned about shaders, features and all that fancy stuff.

you can have all the processing power in the world but if you don't have say normal map in this day in age, it's all useless junk anyways.

meanwhile, talented artists can make do with minimal processing power as long as you give us the fancy shaders.

obviously DX10 capable means we'll get normal mapping, parallax mapping yada yada yada.

but what i'm most interested in is, what about Tessellation??

edit: on hind sight, this all sounds like gibberish to most people... I'm excited and curious, ok? let me spout my nonsense!