AMD is Making the GPU Under the Wii U's Hood

Illustration for article titled AMD is Making the GPU Under the Wii Us Hood

Like IBM, hardware company AMD has also issued a release boasting of its support for Nintendo's new Wii U console.


While the company of course refrains from posting hard statistics, it does say it has provided a "custom AMD Radeon HD GPU" for the system.


This of course isn't a shock, since AMD also helped Nintendo out on both the GameCube and the Wii, but if you wanted to know who was supplying the graphics for this new console, AMD is your answer.

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Kind of off topic, but I just got a new laptop in yesterday with an ATi graphics card, the newest mobile Radeon, without realizing that Physx didn't work on it... will this be a huge problem for most games? I know Metro 2033 was designed for NVIDIA cards, but it still runs after a little tweaking..