SOCOM, Ghostbusters Move Into Home This Week

It's moving day over at PlayStation Home tomorrow, as the PlayStation 3 virtual hang out space welcomes some high profile new additions: SOCOM: Confrontation and Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Both are functional and fun!

The SOCOM-themed space, dubbed the SOCOM Tactical Operations Center, not only gives fans of the tactical military shooter series special things to sit on and mill about, it also offers a snazzy Telestrator tool for planning in-game strategies and leaderboards that update in real-time.


And while the Ghostbusters personal space is something you'll have to pay for, it's an enviable environment nonetheless. A full recreation of the Ghostbusters firehouse, it includes firepoles, a virtual ECTO-1 and all manner of recreated movie props. Yes, now you can relive the infamous "Last of the Petty Cash" Chinese take out scene in Home. I'd recommend watching the trailer at the

But wait, there's more! New stuff for the EA Sports complex, inFAMOUS outfits and other stuff that you'll have to head over to the to read about.

Coming to PlayStation Home: New SOCOM Space, Ghostbusters Apartment, EA SPORTS Complex Update + More! []

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