So You Want to Score a 3DS for $170 Two Days Early?

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In addition to news that Wal-Mart was getting all antsy and selling the 3DS for $170 before its official August 12 price drop, shoppers on Twitter and Cheap Ass Gamer are also reporting that Target has also joined Wal-Mart in dropping the price early.


We called a few Target locations, and while most still quote the $250 price point, one store did say they were selling it for $170—but only the Aqua Blue model. Strange, to say the least.


Amazon seems to be selling the handheld at a roughly $30 discount, but in limited supply—the rest of its listings are preorders for Friday's reduced price.

According to the chatter these seem to be the only two retailers who've jumped the gun on the 3DS price cut, although the forums indicate that stores like Best Buy will price-adjust and give you a refund if a store in your area has in fact cut the price early.

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For the first time I was able to actually handle a 3DS at a Gamestop nearby. I embraced the Zelda demo with the slider turned all the way off. As I pushed the slider up to maximum, my eyes started watering. Not from excitement but from whatever the 3D effect was having on me. I tried leaving the slider at max, looking away and then back but it didn't help.

After a lot of excitement I don't think I'll be getting a 3DS. Not unless this is extremely common and just something you put up with. I don't see a point in buying a system with 3D in the name if you're just going to leave the 3D effect off.