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Last year, Konami spent an insane amount of money on the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Party. The swish event was at the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo Midtown. Throughout the event, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima kept mentioning that the fourth entry was the last game in the series. That this was it! But as Konami CEO Fumiaki Tanaka kept saying that he hoped Kojima would make more Metal Gear and others kept saying they hoped there would be more Metal Gear, Kojima was overheard at the end of the night saying that there would be more! Granted, how involved he would be in the future games is up in the air. So it wasn't exactly a surprise when a sequel was vaguely hinted at the end the press conference. But is it a Metal Gear Solid sequel? Dunno, it was way too vague. But, really, Konami (and Kojima) would be silly not to eventually do MGS5 with Metal Gear being its second biggest IP after Winning Eleven and a huge exclusive for Sony. Sure, this is pie-in-the-sky talk, but let's just hope Kojima gets the chance to branch out and do something different in the interim.


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