At PAX, I dragged two of my friends over to the Playlogic booth to check out Fairytale Fights – just to make absolutely sure I wasn't off my rocker for liking the game.

I also wanted a longer look at the giants' table level. The level interested me the first time I saw it, but some alpha-stage bugs made it difficult for the developer to walk me through it.


It turned out to be the perfect place to show my friends why I thought Fairytale Fights deserved more than a "meh." Because while the game is violence-heavy and while it definitely appeals to me that you can beat the beejesus out of your co-op buddy, there's more to the game than that.

In the giants' table level, a mermaid is on the menu for dinner. Playing as one of the four titles characters – Snow White, Red Riding Hood, the Naked Emperor or Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk – you trying to navigate the drawers, countertops and dirty skink in the giants' kitchen to get to the table and save the mermaid. While moving through the level, the giantess in the background keeps coming into the foreground where you're playing to remove or add items to the shelves.

This creates all kinds of mayhem for the player – especially if there's another player on screen at the same time because it restricts the camera. My friends had a hell of a time getting past this one section where the giantess is lifting glass jars to her face to inspect. You're supposed to jump on one jar, then on the other as she raises it while lowering the first one, and finally leap for the sink. You can that part of the level in this new-ish trailer.

If any of you got the chance to play the game at PAX, hit me up in the comments and tell me what you really think. Was it monotonous or did the various weapons and dynamic glory kills keep it fresh?

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