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So, These Are The People Who Post On NeoGAF!

Illustration for article titled So, These Are The People Who Post On NeoGAF!

A teaser video for the upcoming documentary about the popular gaming message board NeoGAF finally puts some faces to the screen-names. These people don't look anything like their avatars!


I quite like the GIF-generating, news-aggregating, secret-finding, incessant-games-journalism-analyzing NeoGAF. I even post there from time to time. But I've not met many other people who post there. I've mostly been left to imagine what the fine folks there looked and sound like. Now, we can all wonder no more.




The full documentary will air on and their affiliated apps on June 1 at 4pm ET/ 1pm PT. I've seen a rough cut. There's some fun stuff in there.

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Ew, NeoGAF. I think I'd rather go to Reddit.

And that's saying a lot, because Reddit is fucking awful.