Buried in plain sight in Sony Europe's announcement on the PAL timed exclusivity of Ghostbusters on the PlayStations 3 and 2, the PSP looks to be getting its own version of the game after all.


A listing for the PSP version of Ghostbusters: The Videogame appeared on the ESRB ratings site in early April, only to have Atari deny that such a version was in the works a few days later. Perhaps the reason behind Atari's denial was the fact that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is publishing the PSP version in PAL regions this fall, or perhaps they just didn't want to ruin the surprise. Well...surprise!

We contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America to inquire as to whether or not the PSP version would be releasing stateside as well, and were informaed that SCEA had no plans to publish Ghostbusters. Looks like the ball is still in Atari's court here in the states!