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So That's Why Doom's Hell Has So Many Candles

Everybody has questions. What’s our purpose? Will we ever achieve true peace? Why is it fucking impossible to plug in a USB cable correctly on the first try? Me, though, I have just one: why, in Doom (2016), were there so dang many artfully arranged candles in hell?


A new video by Harry101UK posits a theory: the candle demon. While everybody else is getting their guts fashioned into sweet metal guitar strings by Doom Guy, candle demon frolics through burning eternity and makes everything look real nice:

I bet the candles are scented, too—but not, like, in a way that’s obnoxiously perfumey or invasive. Candle demon is too good and pure for this world.


Guess that’s why he’s in hell.

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Setting the mood.

The mood of Doom.