So That Was Law & Order's GamerGate Episode

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When Law & Order: SVU takes on video games, the results are usually not pretty. Tonight's episode—a GamerGate special—was no exception.


"They're playing a game," Ice-T's character says at one point, referencing a group of misogynistic terrorists who have kidnapped a female video game developer. "We've gotta play too."

If just reading that line made you cringe, you probably don't want to watch this episode, which is simultaneously horrific (said game developer is beaten and held at gunpoint) and embarrassing (at one point, a character calls people "FALs," an acronym that Ice-T says stands for "Fails At Life").

It's corny, terrifying shlock that demonizes hardcore gamers and turns complicated conversations over misogyny in gaming into a cartoon caricature of good vs. evil. Even as SVU's writers imagined up a terrifying, totally feasible kidnapping scenario, they just couldn't help but pepper it with cartoon villains (who frequently talk about how they don't want women in video games, because of course) and painful one-liners. "There's no reset button in the real world," one cop explains. GAMERS, AM I RIGHT?

Even the fake games they drew up here look like they were ripped straight out of a 90s PSA or a campaign by Moms Against Gaming.

Amazonian Warriors is particularly hilarious:

So, yeah. If you missed the episode, I wouldn't recommend it.

Also, um, this happened.

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Gamegated ManFortress

Unacceptable! Deplorable! Inconceivable! HIGHLY UNETHICAL! That they would portray my movement (innocent, calm, reasonable people) as angry, irrational nerds who scream at Females is offensive and insulting.

Yes, we self identify as Hardcore Male Core Gamers, and yes many times Females have to be screamed at so that Ethics might occur. I, and many in my Movement, have never felt so insulted and marginalized since Leigh Alexander wrote those 'Kill All Gamers' articles that we are wrongly accused of colossally misunderstanding.

That SVU would even suggest people would make good on the hundreds and hundreds of threats Gamers sent to Females saying they want to do exactly what the show portrayed Gamers doing hurts us. This isn't about the thousand of rape and death threats they get, this is ACTUALLY about Ethics in Games Journalism. To paraphrase a quote from one of our Spiritual Leaders TotallyBiscuits: "the threats against her are all false because no one has acted on them."

Not only that but all the threats against her were not using our Glorious Hashtag, so there is very conveniently no way to prove that they were people from our movement. Just totally mysterious 3rd party trolls who always, conveniently, attack targets we don't like. What can you do? It's mysterious. But in this crazy colluded world controlled by the Ess Jay Double-yew and their Female cabal, what ISN'T mysterious?

And how much Collusion Bucks did you at Kotaku get for having your name mentioned on the show When our world becomes a Feminist version of Fallout, will that money be worth something? Will you regret denying the healing power of The Ethics as you are forced to play Candy Crush for all eternity? Think long and hard on these choices, Kotaku Game Journo Pros...

The only upside the the whole insulting episode is that, in the end, our Precious Video Games were liberated from Females who say mean things about them, so I suppose when percieved through the Magnifying Scope of Ethicification, things weren't all that bad?