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From: Bashcraft
RE: You Gotta Love the Food


Never been to Germany! Sounds totally wonderful though.

This Sunday, Mini-Bash wanted to go look at...Ferraris. It's been the summer holidays, but I agreed, and we went to a super car dealership.


It was closed! We walked around to see if any of the doors were open, and Mini-Bash pressed his face against the doors, trying to see in between the slot.

Walked around to the back, and there was an intercom. He pressed the button, and some lady answered. He said he would like to see some cars. The woman said, okay. And some guy in a suit appeared and let us in.

Mini-Bash was so excited! He was carrying two Ferrari Hot Wheels cars. And in we went — the two story showroom was unbearably hot. The car salesmen said the A/C wasn't on.

"Oh, you have two Ferrari Enzos," I said.
"One, two, three, four, five," he counted. "We have five."


And there were five Ferrari Enzos. In a showroom without A/C. There are only 30 or so Enzos in Japan, and from what I know, Ferrari didn't initially sell the custom-tailored them to just anyone. (Somehow the knobhead who ran Gizmondo had one, though!)

And there were five Ferrari Enzos. Sweating.

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