So, How Much Do Game Developers Make?

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Game Developer magazine have released the results of their patented "Game Developer Salary Survey", which gives us an insight into just how much the average games developer gets paid.

And the findings reveal that, provided a dev still has a job, most positions in the field pay quite handsomely. According to the survey, the average salaries are:

Programmers: $85,024
Artists: $69,532
Game Designers: $67,379
Producers: $82,905
Quality Assurance: $39,571
Audio: $78,167
Business & Marketing: $102,143


Note that these are the average numbers, and vary according to factors such as experience.

2008 Game Developer Salary Survey Reveals $79,000 Average Income [Gamasutra]

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Smug Anime Face

Ugh... marketers? Making the most money on average? That is supremely disgusting. Just reminds me of Pop stars. They're simply just "marketers" who sell their "songs" with their looks. Sweet Jesus in heaven, business/marketers should go to hell for making so much while undermining the real talent behind the games!