Frosty, The Snow-Men | Employees from Halo studio 343 Industries took a snow day yesterday in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood.

This Week in the Business: 'PlayStation 4 Must Look Beyond Games'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...
QUOTE | "PlayStation 4 must look beyond games."-Chris Morris, veteran game journalist, on what Sony should and shouldn't do with the PS4.


This May Be The Perfect Video Game for a First Date

You're on a first date. It's going pretty well. You've had a good time talking, you're both laughing a lot. You're feeling the vibe.
Ordinarily, video games probably wouldn't enter into the equation here. More »


ESA Drops SOPA Support, Video Game Lobby Laments Bill's 'Unintended Consequences'

The Entertainment Software Association no longer supports the Stop Online Piracy Act, the controversial anti-piracy bill that was shelved earlier today in the House of Representatives after a week of fierce online protests.
The people who bring us E3 simply don't want to bring us SOPA anymore. More »


Adios, SOPA. House Shelves Bill Indefinitely.

The Stop Online Piracy Act continues to fizzle and is for all intents and purposes dead. Congressman Lamar Smith, who wrote the law and staunchly defended it for weeks amid protests that it would disrupt online speech, announced today he is postponing any further action on the bill: More »



A Racer that Follows the Law of Averages

Considering how many gaming apps are published each week in a mobile gaming gold rush that shows no signs of slowing, finding one that is simply average feels almost like a win. More »


Take a Look at Mass Effect 3's Mars

Mass Effect 3 won't just bring Commander Shepard to Earth. He/She is going to Mars. Briefly, according to series writer Mac Walters, during an interview last night with Game Trailers TV's Geoff Keighley.
Check out a short glimpse of ME3's Mars action in the video below, which contains the entire... More »

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