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This Week in the Business: 'PlayStation 4 Must Look Beyond Games'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "PlayStation 4 must look beyond games."—Chris Morris, veteran game journalist, on what Sony should and shouldn't do with the PS4.

QUOTE | "Free-to-play games can't be high quality."—Oliver Comte, Senior Vice President for Namco Bandai Europe, speaking at Cloud Gaming Europe on why cheap games are bad for the game industry.


QUOTE | "PS Vita's 250MB plan is functionally useless."- Brad Hilderbrand, co-host of the Power Button podcast, reacting to the AT&T 3G plans for the Sony PS Vita.

STAT | $150 – Amount Zynga allegedly loses on each new customer, based on an analysis by Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia.


QUOTE | "PlayStation Vita might actually make a little money from day one."—James Brightman, Editor-In-Chief at, analyzing the parts cost of the PS Vita.

QUOTE | "Streaming games will begin to significantly impact the gaming industry."—Steve Peterson, West Coast Editor for, talking about some of the significant trends on view at CES last week.

STAT | 57% – Amount that PS Vita sales dropped in Japan last week over the previous week, which was already down 42% from the week before that.

QUOTE | "More social games get an extreme makeover."—Scott Steinberg, CEO of video game consultant TechSavvy Global, talking about what to expect in 2012 from social games.


QUOTE | "We're seeing a huge shift in the way people consume content."—John Davison, Vice President of Programming at CBS Interactive , discussing how readers of GameSpot and gaming sites in general are changing how they look at content about games.

QUOTE | "His role will be moving Xbox beyond a gaming platform."—Dave Cutler, the father of Windows NT and one of the brightest minds at Microsoft, will now work on transforming the Xbox platform.


QUOTE | "There's going to be more lawyers."—Patrick Sweeney, member of the Video Game bar Association board, with a scary prediction as he talks about attorneys who specialize in games.

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