SNK Doesn't "Pride Itself In Customer Service" [Updated]

Internet person Chris Bradshaw, aka Gilgamesh, owner of and regular contributor to, bought The King of Fighters XI and SNK vs Capcom Card Fighter DS at his local Best Buy. The Card Fighter game has a fatal glitch that locks up the game. Chris tried to contact the SNK Playmore USA sales department, but never got a response. He sent emails to every SNK address he could find. Still, no reply. Then! He started dialing SNK's office, entering every imaginable extension. Says Chris: "Eventually I did get I touch with someone who gave me the information I needed, but not before I left a message on SNK USA President Ben Herman's machine. I can't tell you what I said verbatim, however I did tell him about how I have been attempting to contact someone at his office for almost two months now because I need to return a defective game (I didn't specify which game because I didn't think it mattered, a warrenty is a warrenty) and that I was now dialing every number I could find and making myself as big of a pain in the ass as possible (and yes, I did use those words) until someone finally talked to me." Hit the jump for Herman's reply:

Chris Bradshaw? This is Ben Herman from SNK. I return from a four day weekend, where I go to Pittsburgh, get my daughter, bring her home. And what message do I receive on my machine? Thanks for being a little bit polite. Now I'll make it real simple. I dunno who you bought it from, I dunno what game it is, but you call me back, and... We don't do exchanges unless it was the card fighter game where we did a recall and we can help you there if it is defective. If it's any other game, I will explain it to you to take it back to your local retailer where you purchased it from. Calling your credit card company, fine. You didn't buy it from me personally or my company personally. But would love to hear what your complaint is, like to hear what your item is. As far as customer service, we have a very small sales office here. We don't pride ourselves in customer service. Or where you've sent an email or what you've done, I don't care at this point. Call me back at extension SOME NUMBERS, and I will do my best to resolve it.


Sounds like Herman's at the end of this dude's teather, so before you judge, we really need to hear the message Gilgamesh left on Herman's machine. Still, peeved phone calls from corporate execs? Hey, we'd say that's pretty great customer service!

Eds Note: Chris reminds us, "I returned the game to my retailer only to get another copy with the same defect, and I have the receipt to prove it."

Gilgamesh vs. SNK [Kikouken City]

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