Smuggling iPhones with Empty Beer Bottles Won't Get You Drunk

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It'll get you arrested. According to Chinese news reports from late last week, an old lady was stopped while trying to bring bags of beer bottles into Mainland China via Hong Kong.

As website M.I.C. Gadget pointed out, some people do bring in bags of bottles in hopes of recycling them for spare change.


However, the customs officials noticed that the bottles weight seemed off. The middle of the bottles was also taped, and there was a thin crack—as if the bottles had be cut.

Inside each bottle, there were three iPhones stuffed inside for a grand total of 216 handsets. That's right, once again, someone was caught trying to bring Made-in-China iPhones back into China, where the devices are in high demand.


More impressive than the attempted haul was slicing all those bottles in half. That's some serious smuggling craftsmanship.


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