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Smash Ultimate patched the game last night to make its crappy online experience significantly less crappy. After some time with the game post-patch, it appears that Smash made players’ preferred online play rules “more highly prioritized.” We have updated our article on Smash online to reflect that change.


Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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Yeah, trying to look for free for all games frequently landed me in games without my preference still (team games, games with items, stages with hazards, etc) but never landed me in 1 vs. 1s while trying to look for 1 vs. 1s never landed me in free for all. It’s a definite improvement, but I still want an unranked free for all mode. Everybody just tries to hide to avoid dying and losing their GSP, and people frequently disconnect as soon as they lose negating the results of a match so your wins rarely count in higher GSP ranges. I feel like if it weren’t ranked, people would be more willing to join the battle and have more fun. I know Battle Arenas exist, but I don’t want to wait in lines.