Midway's seminal twin-stick shooter Smash TV, the bloody, futuristic game show arcade game of yore, may be getting a proper update from Midway. And the guy saying that's in a position to know.

Mark Turmell, programmer on the original Smash TV and its spin-off Total Carnage, says on the RetroGaming with Racketboy podcast that Midway, before it "hit the fan," was already hard at work on a modern day revival of the game. While it sounds like work on the game—a 3D revival, but still a top-down shooter—was halted, Turmell says the project moved at least as far as the programming stage.


He expects that Smash TV "will rise again" at Midway's new home Warner Bros. given the media conglomerate's snapping up of the classic IP and, presumably, the popularity of twin-stick shooters on digital platforms like XBLA and PSN. We're expecting big money, big prizes and to love it.

RetroGaming with Racketboy Podcast Episode #2 [Racketboy]

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