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Smackdown vs. 3DS Winners

Illustration for article titled Smackdown vs. 3DS Winners

The strange appearance of an Aqua Blue 3DS capturing the action at a pro rasslin' event provided the grist for our latest Kotaku ‘Shop Contest, in which the Nintendo handheld makes 20 cameos just as bizarre.


Getting things started, Bet@ (2) calls back to our L.A. Noire contest with a shifty-eyed Sheamus.

BigMike McCarthy's joke is kinda tiny, but he gets in on concept, execution, incumbency and, of course, Fighter Hayabusa. watts.josh (18) went to the same era and console and unloaded a knockout winner. Fine job.


Bloodfart2112 and Winkelried (19) probe the limits of taste with their Kennedy assassination cameos, but I'll allow it (and allow that I chuckled quite heartily at Winkelreid's Triforce-as-Jack Ruby. Laodicea-Dude (14) kalapusa (11), FireScorpio (8) also captured the 3DS in historic images.

Tactful (17) wasn't the only one to try the Dead Rising camera-game motif, but he did it the best. Great drama shot! mrjoeyyaya (15) sent in two, this one was my favorite (make sure to check out the bottom screen).

My overall winner was a close call between derubermax (6) and LameThrower (13). That damn wandering cat hero taking on Sheamus made me exhale coffee out my nostrils. But LameThrower's callback to our 3DS Warnings ‘shop contest, plus his fine overall visual quality, takes home first place. He was a fan favorite of many readers, too.

Congratulations to all our finalists. We have another contest tomorrow.

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When I read the words Dead Rising I thought I got picked. But Tactful is much better at getting the actual look of Dead Rising than me []