Slade, The Who and Fevers

To: Bashcraft
From: Crecente

I'm back, safely ensconced in my home once again. As can be expected after spending a week working, drinking, but not really sleeping or eating, amidst Los Angeles banks of smog, I am nursing a mild fever and very achy body. I've spent the morning going over what everyone still has on their plate from the show and there is quite a bit, including some more Justify Your Games, video interviews, the premiere of our Exec Pop Quiz and of course oodles of impressions and hands-on.


Oh, I mentioned that I met former ACDC drummer Chris Slade after The Who concert. He actually asked me to text his manager with the address for Ubisoft's party because he was looking for somewhere to hang out. Pretty cool, Slade is like a Crecente groupie. Shhhhh, don't tell him I said that, he'd totally kick my ass.

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@drywaller79, InsidiousTuna: What do you mean? Don't you get it? He's critiquing one of the band's music, though admittedly through unconventional, if vulgar, means. What he said is really quite clear and should be taken as an example to base your posts on, since it seems a few others strive for this level too.