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E3 Roundup Day 4

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And so it ends. Goodbye, E3 2008! You were fun in parts, confusing in others and disappointing in many. Actually, disappointing in most . Few important announcements, almost zero new game announcements and a pair of very missable keynote addresses will see this go down as one of the "worst" E3s in memory. Maybe it needs to move, maybe it needs to go altogether, who knows. It needs to do something. But enough navel-gazing! For all the doom and gloom plenty of stuff still happened on the last day of the show, stuff you can catch up on by hitting up the links below.


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Join Us For a Look at The Who's Private Rock Band Concert

Fist Pumping Through Major Minor's Majestic March

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@Tepoz: yeah but we have kotaku and ign and everything else for that. When I get Game Informer now or watch E3 it's always stuff I have seen before online. It takes the magic away if companies are going to use it as a big unveiling of secret projects every year.