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Man, LittleBigPlanet looks great. So, so, so great. In yesterday's LBP breakout session, Media Molecule's Alex Evans walked us through the game, pointing out all sorts of fun facts. Like? Well....

• The game will feature trophies.

• If two players of different levels play co-op together and one falls behind, that player will instantly die and respawn so the two players can keep up.

• There are over 60 tutorials that focus on creating.

• Because the Sony E3 press conference showed it was possible to embed text on objects, it will now be possible to do that in-game. (Media Molecule wants to make sure everything it's now showing with LBP is actually possible for users to make.

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• Originally, they planned to give players complete freedom of depth, but found that a richer experience could be gotten with only three layers of depth.

• If you use voice chat, Sack Boy will be lipsynched to your speech.

• The tags used to label level you create are pre-selected and were intially from LOL Cats. This has since been changed.

• Stephen Fry does voice over work for the create mode.

• It hasn't been announced if you can import your own music into the game. Says Evans, "There's no reason technically why not."

You might've known all of these. Heck, you might even know more. Good for you.


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