Skyrim's "Cribs" is Where the Magic Happens. Literally.

Lots of folks aren't diggin' Hearthfire, the homemaking Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim extension that some have called SkySims and others have noted does not do anything different from any PC mod already available. But that's because you're not using your imagination, bitches! Here, YouTube's Tyrannicon introduces us to the most gorgeous digs in all Riften, yo. Home ownership is more than its own reward, take it from me.


[Note] An earlier version of this post may have left the impression that the video was created from within Hearthfire. It ain't. It was done with mods. Free mods.


YouTube video by Tyranicon

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The Father of Modern Laziness

"What in the Hell?"??? C'mon!!! How do you miss an opportunity to say "What in OBLIVION??"