Skyrim Teaches Adorable Little Girl About Bullying

This 3-year-old girl is about to learn a tough life lesson: Never attack a villager in Skyrim or the guards will come and get you. That or, don't be a bully. One of those.


In the video the little girl gets annoyed when a villager tells her she has to leave. "NO!" she screams. Then follows that up with a couple of swipes of the sword to hapless, annoyed villager. Her reaction to the guard dogpile that ensues is priceless.

Carl Douglas, father of the little girl on the video, had this to add in comments:

"Hello! This is actually my daughter in the video. While I do understand that games and violence out of context can be harmful to a child, we are a family of gamers, and the exposure to some imagery is inevitable (though unfortunate). We do our best to explain things to her and talk about what happens. She was in a moment of spotlight since we kept snickering at her saying "no" to the guy telling her that she had to leave - hence the escalating volume from each response to it - so we let it slide even though she knows better than to talk to people like that, haha. But when the adorably traumatic realization set in that the guards were responding to her "swording" by giving her "boo boos," we did ask her what happened. She just sweetly responded "peoples don't like swords, and we don't want swords on the peoples" and she didn't want to play anymore.

Mainly we play Flash games on Nick and old DOS hotseat games with her on a computer we set up in the back of my office. But she did know the Skyrim controls because she likes to run around in the wilderness looking for streams to jump into.

Thanks for featuring this, Kotaku, I had no anticipation of this showing up here or getting more than 30 hits on YouTube from family members when I uploaded it!"

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Too cute. Her big dark eyes were so expressive, and it was hilarious when her expression changed as she realized there were negative consequences to her actions.

This is probably a pretty good lesson for her ... even if it's not real life.

On a similar note, I just started playing Skyrim last night. I accidentally stole something from the smithy's house in whatever-the-first-town-is and his kid told her mom. Then the mom came after me and despite running away out of town and coming back she was still laying in wait for me. I didn't know what else to do, so I killed her out of sight of anyone else. Now there's a 1000 gold bounty on my head or something and the townsfolk want me dead. Whoopsie. I hope that if I travel far away for long enough things will settle down.