SKU-mors: Silver DS Lite Coming to U.S.? [Updated]

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UPDATE: Many GameStop employees have written to say that the metallic silver DS will be sold at their store. Some said exclusively but others disputed this. The $25 is indeed a pre-order minimum price. More as it warrants.

A tipster sent us the attached SKU query (full size mobile phone pic after the jump) which claims a metallic silver DS drops in less than a month (Sept. 7). Also looks like the PS2 "Family Value Pack" that includes the console, Lego Batman and the Justice League: New Frontiers DVD, for $149, has a street date of Sept 23.


DS Fanboy reported the metallic silver rumor last month saying it would arrive in September, but didn't specify a date.

Fair warning, this is not a full screen shot, so if you work at a Best Buy and want to nitpick what's not shown on the screen.

Rumor: USA to be Awarded Silver [DS Fanboy]

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@Candlejack: I would get one to match every one of my outfits. Or I would, if I was that awesome. Pimpin ain't easy.