The library of Xbox 360 games available "on demand" has expanded by two today with the addition of EA's original Skate and Brave? Brave: A Warrior's Tale? Something like that.

Pricing on Skate (aka skate.), as I see it in U.S. dollars is $19.99. In line with budget pricing for Xbox 360 games, it seems, but a curious choice at this point, with Skate 2 available for about the same price and Skate 3 just a few months away. If you're wistful for the fall of 2007, Skate is available for digital download now.


The other addition is Brave: A Warrior's Tale, Xbox Live Marketplace informs me. That's from developer Collision Studios and publisher Evolved Games and, man, I don't recall ever hearing of this game. But if I were to satisfy my curiosity, it would set me back $29.99 USD.

Who has played Brave: A Warrior's Tale and what can you tell this ignorant Kotaku editor about it?

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