Six Days In Fallujah Devs Closing Down

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When Konami said nothankyou to its publishing deal for controversial title Six Days In Fallujah, it placed not just the future of the game, but future of the game's develpment studio - Atomic Games - in jeopardy.


With no publisher support for the game, Atomic were always going to be facing an uphill battle to secure funding for their operations. A battle that doesn't seem to be going too well, as we heard late last week that there had been some layoffs at the studio (though Atomic refused to clarify just how many).


Now Industrygamers say that, according to a source of theirs, the studio is basically done for. Out of an original 75 developers, "less than a dozen are left", and those remaining are basically there to finish things off. "They are trying to downplay the extent of these layoffs", the source says, "but the reality is that Atomic is pretty much dead."

We have contacted the studio and will update if the developer comments.

So much for people trying to make a game about a thing that actually happened, huh?

Rumor: Atomic Games at Death's Door? [Industrygamers]

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this is dumb. Just make the damned game. Let the public decide whether or not we're 'ready'. If it sells, then obviously we are. We don't need other people telling us what to like. Stupid censorship.