Singapore Recruiters Not Avoiding WoW Players

Not willing to give up your WoW addiction to find a job? Don't worry, all you have to do is move to Singapore where they won't discriminate against such things.

A story last week recalled an incident involving job recruiters purposely avoiding World of Warcraft players due to their potential negligence. This is not a problem in Singapore, however, as GMP Group — a recruiting firm — has reportedly not had any clients turn down WoW playing candidates.


Annie Yap, chief executive officer, said that while they're aware gaming addiction can be a problem, Singaporeans are generally "more pragmatic in thinking and attitude" and won't allow gaming to interfere with their work.

For now, telling a prospective employer that one plays video games 'would not raise alarm bells', and gamers 'should not feel the need to lie...dishonesty is not a condonable way to increase one's chances of landing a job', said Ms Yap.

I wouldn't be surprised if Singapore's total population jumps 11.5 million in the next year.

WoW fan? You'll still get hired here (Need the physical paper or a Nexis account) (Pic)

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