Sinestro Batman is Yours for Arkham City if You Pick Up a Crappy Blu-Ray

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Green Lantern was not critically acclaimed. Nearly everyone hated it, but that won't stop it from getting a Blu-Ray release. And with its Extended Cut Blu-Ray Combo pack is a skin dressing Batman in a Sinestro Corps getup for Batman: Arkham City, should you have the PS3 version.

The skin was overlooked when it was announced back in August, when six alternate Batman costumes were revealed as pre-order bonuses or other downloadable content. Joystiq has a tipster backstage at Best Buy, which is offering the Sinestro promotion exclusively.


[Update] But we have a tipster at Costco and he says they will also have the offer. Dueling tipsters! (So it's possible this isn't exclusive to any store.)

So you'll have to buy the Blu-Ray there, when it becomes available Oct. 14. Also, as we're talking Blu-Ray here, the code's only good for PS3 copies of Arkham City.

Why Sinestro and not Green Lantern? Turns out there's actually a canonical precedent for this. The Sinestro Corps once recruited Batman, known for his ability to strike fear into others. Batman was able to reject the ring, and the Corps subsequently recruited Amon Sur for the gig.

Green Lantern Extended Cut Blu-Ray combo pack to include Batman: Arkham City Sinestro Corps skin [Joystiq]


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