Silent Hill 4: The Room Comes Back To PC

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A week after Konami dropped a trio of classic Metal Gears games onto GOG, the Japanese publisher is back with another just in time for the spooky season: Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Released previously on PC back in 2004, Silent Hill 4 is now live on GOG as of today for $10. Despite also originally coming to PS2 and Xbox, the game’s not currently available to buy on modern consoles, either through Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program or Sony’s PS2 classics library on PS4.

Unlike the previous games in the series, Silent Hill 4 didn’t actually take place in the town of Silent Hill, instead trading that setting for an apartment building in a city called Ashfield. You spend the whole game trying to escape it through weird passages that open up in protagonist Henry Townshend’s room. The controls and mechanics were somewhat archaic, even for the time, but there are a few really cool tricks that try to subvert expectations.


Interestingly, Konami didn’t announce that Silent Hill 2 or 3, both of which also had PC versions when they originally came out, would be coming to GOG. Maybe those will get announced in the weeks ahead. One thing Konami has been firm about is that it has “no plansto remaster or remake any of the Silent Hill games anytime soon.

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I’m assuming that we’ll see Silent Hill 2 and 3 on PC before too long, so it’s really strange to me that they would release Silent Hill 4 first. Maybe there’s some kind of technical hurdles present when trying to update SH2/3 for modern Windows platforms but not SH4?