Side-By-Side Comparison of an Old Mass Effect 3 Ending and a New One

Commander Shepard's long goodbye in Mass Effect 3 got a little longer today, with the release of its Extended Cut DLC. Lots of little changes—and a few big ones—lurk inside the bigger, fan-demanded finale for BioWare's sci-fi action RPG. Watch this painstakingly assembled split-screen comparison footage (cut by our own Chris Person) above to see where the Normandy gets more damage, the camera changes and who kicks back with a beer after the galaxy-saving's done.




Still pretty disappointed in the endings overall. While they made them INTERNALLY consistent the 3 are still THEMATICALLY inconsistent. I was playing a space opera RPG/FPS for 2.5 games and the last .5 got warped into a transhumanist/singularity clusterfuck.

If anything the Catalyst's further dialogue proves that it was nothing more than a Rampant AI that turned against its original creators to invent the "Reaping" system. After it turned on the creators it just never had the organic nuts to look outside its programming strictures to figure out a different solution.

It doesn't help that the 3 options basically boil down to:

1) Genocide

2) Eugenics

3) Assimilation

That said, and more disappointingly, Bioware has managed to lose a LOT of shine off its once stellar reputation in the last release cycle.

You had Dragon Age 2 which was a pretty poorly received rush job, SWTOR which is hemorrhaging money and laying off staff because its boring as watching paint dry, and ME3 with its universally panned original endings that REQUIRED a free DLC.

I'll be watching user reviews much more closely as concerns Bioware games in the future.