Should BioShock 3 Revisit Rapture?

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Now that BioShock 2 is out, a sequel that didn't initially didn't seem "necessary" but, upon release, sure played like it, what's next for the franchise? Can BioShock 3 return once again to the underwater city of Rapture?


That's the question we posed to BioShock 2 creative director Jordan Thomas during today's podcast, wondering when and where the inevitable follow-up will take us. Not surprisingly, Thomas wasn't flooding us with details about the sequel to the game he just helped ship.

"Unfortunately, I can't talk about anything past BioShock 2 right now," Thomas said in response to a caller question about a possible third game in the BioShock franchise. "If I were to talk about future plans for 2K Marin or BioShock, it would be big, fat, stupid speculation. Basically, there's just nothing new to offer yet."

We pressed the issue with Thomas, touching specifically on the heated debate between gamers that surrounded the second game. Was returning to Rapture too familiar? Would it possibly hold up a third time?

"I guess my feeling is that, given people's response, given that the novelty seems to have driven so much of people's interest in the original game, that returning to Rapture's future might be risky," Thomas said. "On the raw originality scale that bears some risk."

We'll leave the question, the speculation and the proliferation of clever ideas up to you. If BioShock 3 can't go to Rapture, then where could it go?



I haven't played Bioshock 2 yet (plan to rent it as soon as I can), but I personally would like a new setting. I feel like Rapture already ran its course in the FIRST game, so revisiting it for a third time just seems...redundant to me.