Bioshock 2's creative director managed to not only talk about his game to many of you today, but worked in the words "stochastic" and "un-mother." Good job, Jordan! Lots of good stuff in this one, ready for you to download.

On today's episode of our live audio podcast, Kotaku Talk Radio, Jordan Thomas fielded the color-blindness questions (sounds like something they'd like to address and wish they had), the controller support issues (keyboard and mouse only for PC for the time being), major storyline changes made mid-development (which he manages to explain in code so as not to spoil them) and even a great bit about why the antagonist in Bioshock 2 is a woman.

If you care about Bioshock, pro or con, this one's a must-listen. Plus, Owen Good rants. And that's always good fun.

Oh, and Jordan helps us compare the merits of Fable II dogs and Bioshock Little Sisters.


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