Luigi is often frightened, and now we know why.

Last week I asked you to show me, exactly, why Luigi was so scared. You did, with many scares and an extreme amount of frightens, and now I am here to deliver a winner and lots of honorable mentions. After all, Luigi is someone who is known for being scared, so it must take some true terrors to get him all freaked.

Our winner this week is Bob, whose take on the Paranormal Activity series really causes some complications for that series. I mean, who is the ghost? Is Luigi the ghost? What is he afraid of? The deep confusion is what makes it good.

Of course, there were also a lot of honorable mentions this week, so lets dig into those:


cecil_banon dug deep into the cultural psyche to find some real hell images that Luigi is clearly afraid of.

Done With Kinja has identified an actual Hell Image that has cursed me, and so now I am cursing you with it.


Plorf is putting Luigi into a dangerous situation.


RevTheGame has put something truly scary in Luigi’s path.

Villings showed us a universal scare that Luigi might never recover from.


Chelsea of Tranquility has shown a good thing and is somehow calling it scary? I don’t get it. 1993's Super Mario Bros. is a fun film. Maybe he’s terrified because he’s witnessing his double.

MiiXD knows that any kind of big scary tooth dragon is bad news.


rogueIndy. Doot.

Chris Mc has revealed that not even Luigi can dodge those lasers.


Mrichston delved deep back into the history of horror to find a very empowered Luigi.

Altheon_1994 should know that Luigi will never intervene in haunted mansion affairs.


GLLong76 knows the famous quote: “It’s-a me, Johnny!”


What is Luigi afraid of here? His own hubris? The cruelty with which he has destroyed his enemies? Only religiousjedi knows.

Urambo Tauro has everyone solving mysteries in a classic case.


Dylan found the terror.

netsquire made me relive too much scariness, and I hate it.

That’s it for this week! Thanks to all the participants!