Shoe Attack On President Already Turned Into A Crappy Flash Game

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As hilarious and .gif worthy the incident was yesterday that saw an Iraqi journalist chucking his shoes at President Bush, did we really need a flash game? Apparently so.


The company T-Enterprise must be quick with their flash programming (or they knew about the incident beforehand!), because in less than 24 hours they managed to churn out a game (albeit a crappy one) where you must defend the President from shoes being thrown his way.

"If you watch the video clip, the Secret Service don't move to protect the President until the second shoe has been thrown," said Sadi Chishti, managing director of T-Enterprise, the Glasgow-based company behind the computer game. "We're hoping the agents will use this game as a training aid for future footwear attacks on world leaders."

Rather than batting the shoes down with your arms or hands, though, the game makes you shoot the shoes, with a good chance at hitting the President. Game Politics noted that was probably by design. I have to be honest, the first time I played it I unloaded into the President thinking that was the objective. WHOOPS!

You can play this "game" after the jump!

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Bush's Boot Camp (Telegraph via Game Politics)



You think it's funny that someone threw a show at our President? That fact that he threw a show (of all things) or the that he hated Bush and displayed it in a incredibly stupid way.