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Shit. Pub Games is Patched ... Or is It?

The parade of bloviation about the Fable II Pub Games exploit just will not die down. Of course, first Peter Molyneux said that cheaters would be "in for a surprise" if they tried to transfer their ill-gotten wealth to Fable II, once it releases. Then a couple sites spotted something curious in IGN's Fable II preview, in which Molyneux implied the glitch was actually a deliberate inclusion. Now Lionhead Studios has put out a patch, although someone (above) is claiming that drive maintenance will reactivate the exploit.First, Molyneux and the "deliberate glitch" idea. The original phrasing of IGN's sentence about it: "Just be warned. Molyneux has said that the cheat was no accident and that those who used it to earn their money will be in for a surprise." was rewritten to "Just be warned. Molyneux has said that they are well aware of the cheat and that those who used it to earn their money will be in for a surprise." That sounds about right. The idea that this particular glitch would be included is kind of laughable, even if you want to think of it in the choose good/choose evil context of the Fable franchise. Isn't that a little subtle, anyway? Well, the whole thing's was patched as of Thursday evening, resetting the leaderboards, so it's all moot — or is it? See the annotation in the video above? Someone's now saying you can continue to use the gold exploit by entering the "perform maintenance on storage devices" code (at the storage device tab in System, highlight a drive, enter Y X X LB RB X X). But it doesn't really matter for me because I never got above the minimum bet limit in Fortune's Tower, the game where the gold exploit works. Disclaimer: Although performing storage device maintenance sounds like an innocent-enough thing to do, I have no idea if this procedure, in combination with whatever's in the patch, actually does nasty shit to Fable II Pub Games, renders it inoperable, or anything else you don't want done. In the end, you're getting cheat tips off a YouTube video, be warned. However, if someone does get it to work, let me know in the comments. Gold Exploit in Fable II Pub Games [YouTube, via Xbox 360 Fanboy] Fable II Pub Game Glitch 'Intentional' [] IGN: Fable II Preview [IGN]


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Removing the patch might not do anything. In some games like Forza 2 they patched a credit glitch and if you update the game and then remove the patch by clearing the cache your saved game won't work until you download the patch again. I haven't tried it on the Pub games yet but clearing cache is such a glaringly obvious loop hole that they should've seen coming either way.

Alsooo, I think he's full of crap saying it was intentional. Seems like he's just trying to scare people out of doing it. I know there's the whole good/evil thing but if they were to let you cheat couldn't they have done something like hide cards in your sleeve for Fortunes Tower or rig the dice on Keystone? And then have the dealer punish you by taking away some gold if you do it too much. At least something that doesn't appear to be anything more than a glitch/exploit. Patching it doesn't make the "oh we did it on purpose" comment any more convincing.