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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Shield Posing Winners

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last week we asked you to consider the Wii U controller as a window to a new world. We'll go through the looking glass with the 20 best ‘shops, but first, a public service announcement from your local Kotaku ‘Shop Contest.

I want to apologize to everyone for the image uploading problem last week. Whether you were trying to upload a ‘Shop or enjoy what others had created, our repeated failure to provide you with a workable image upload is simply inexcusable.


Personally, I should have been paying attention during the outage, and just called off the contest. Tomorrow, I will watch the thread closely and if there are problems with image upload, I will call the contest off, and I will suspend the feature indefinitely until we can get our act together.

I apologize for the frustration and for the straight-up waste of your time by our broken technology.


Now, on a more mirthful note, here's this week's roundup.

Koda89 (14) should have been the overall winner but I couldn't make a splash graphic out of his animated .gif, and I don't know if it will display in the gallery. He sent in two, and they are both superb. This was my favorite of the two.

BrandSliven (6) put some work behind a simple concept to come up with a zinger. cleesox (7) straddles the previous week's ‘Shop Contest. fangsat (10) did They Live , as expected, but did it in an unexpected and applause-worthy way.

skitzogreg (18) was first to do the TSA peepshow sight joke. AirmanD (2) went looking for Waldo. Akio Morita (3) got topical with our long national dick joke. ARYXANDRE delivers, again, this time with the first and best Etch-a-Sketch entry. Walter Röhrl's Left Foot (20) is, well, hot for teacher.


My favorite came from lemonmanlemonman (16), who reached back to Weird Science to come up with this week's winner. Also, wireframe bewbs. Take a bow.

We'll see you all in here tomorrow, provided nothing's broken.