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Shatner Sends C&D to Studio Over "Shatter" Joke

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Captain Kirk set the lawyers to stun when he heard a skin was coming for the PSN game "Shatter," using his likeness and including a remix of Big Bill's "Mr. Tambourine Man" cover. One problem: the news was a joke.

Two weeks back, New Zealand site Game Console wrote up a spoof about Kiwi dev Sidhe, based in Wellington, claiming they were developing a skin for the breakout/Arkanoid clone that would replace the blocks with Shatner's face, among other things.


Taking apparently everything at face value, Boston Legal swooped in with a cease-and-desist to Sidhe. and, not only that, notified Paramount Studios (the Star Trek licensor) and Bob Dylan of the developments.

Though he didn't write it, it so helps ... if you ... read this in ... Shatner's ... ... voice, full of ... gratuitious pauses ... and inflections.

We represent William Shatner and it has come to our attention that you are planning to develop or have already developed and will soon place on the market for commercial sale a digital game utilizing our client's name and likeness as well as infringing on both Paramount's rights to the character 'Captain Kirk' and Bob Dylan's rights to the song "Mr. Tambourine Man".

Please be advised that you are to immediately cease and desist the further development, production, and or distribution of the game SHATNER or any other product that uses William Shatner's name or likeness without first obtaining his approval.


Sidhe managing director Mario Wynands, not exactly quaking his boots, sent the following response.

I've done far worse than kill you, Admiral. I've hurt you.

Dammit, wrong quote. OK, Wynands sent this, and also posted it on NeoGAF.

Thank you for your email.

The GameConsole 'report' you reference is what is commonly referred to on the internet as a 'joke'. The article is a parody of our game, and has no basis in reality in that it does not in any way reflect our intentions for further development of the Shatter IP or relate to any official statement we have made relating to the game.

We have the upmost respect for Mr William Shatner and the licensing process, and if we had any intent of using rights related to either Mr Shatner, Star Trek, or Tambourine Man (which we do not) we would do so using the appropriate channels.

Please respond acknowledging your receipt and understanding of this message, and confirming you have notified both Paramount and Bob Dylan's representatives of your misunderstanding.

Well, I think that deserves an updated facepalm pic.

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