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About a year and a half ago, the Wii U was released unto the world. In the months since then, Nintendo's extra-screened chunk of plastic has sat in our living rooms, letting us play Zelda and watch Netflix. How's all that going?


While most of us on staff at Kotaku have our own Wii Us and plenty of stories to tell, we're also interested in hearing from you, our readers. Some prompts to consider:

  • How's Wii U ownership been for you, so far?
  • Are you glad you own one? Or do you regret it? Why?
  • Do you post to the Miiverse regularly? Do you like it? Has anything about it caused you to like/dislike it more than you thought you would?
  • Do you use the Pro Controller?
  • Do you use off-TV play often? How do you like it?
  • Are there any things about the Wii U that you still don't quite understand, or don't make sense to you?
  • More broadly: Have you had any experiences that were so cool, so annoying, or so surprising, or so disappointing that they've changed how you view the console?
  • What does the timeline of your experience look like, from when you first bought it to now?

If you think the Wii U is the best console you've ever owned, tell us why. If you hate it and can't believe you bought the dumb thing, tell us why. If there's something about your experience that you think people should know, share it here.

Basically, if you own an Wii U, you've probably got stories to tell. So, tell 'em!

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I'll ask what I asked in the PS4 thread; would current owners of the Wii U recommend buying now or later? At what price?

And how does that Wii U + Mario Kart + Free game bundle sound?